Explore the world as a traveller, not a tourist, on a trip packed with inclusions. VIP experiences and first-class, insider encounters.

Cosmos is for those that adore the explore without breaking the bank. Hassle-free and flexible, you dream it and we create it.

You're a lone ranger but don't want to be completely alone. We'll help plan your itinerary and set you up with our friends. Less hassles, more amazing, that's Monograms.

Get personal. This is experiential river cruising, your way. From Europe to the Galapagos and Asia, Avalon is relaxed luxury with choices as many, and individual as you.

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Food & Wine

Taste your way around the world, one forkful at a time. Our major love is travel, but our love of food isn’t far behind. Combine the best of both and you have the recipe for a trip that you’ll relish forever. Discovering local cuisines, exciting wine varieties and delighting in the incredible backdrops that accompany your mouth-watering meals, is an essential part of any eye-opening travel experience. Not sure of your escargot from your enchilada? That’s what our Travel Directors are there for, to help you navigate foreign and classic foods that will leave you with an appetite for more.

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