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California Coast

Big isn’t always better… unless you're talking about the USA. Whatever thrills your inner explorer, you’ll find it here, in supersonic stereo. Want to get lost (and found) among the majesty of Yosemite National Park? Ready to be immersed in the musical groove and electric atmosphere of New Orleans and Nashville? Savour a cocktail under the big city lights of New York City? Our expert Tour Guides take you directly to where the moments are waiting to happen. Saddle up and hang on tight for the ultimate adventure as you travel on a Globus tour in the United States of America.

Snapshot: United States
Washington D.C.
Official Language
325.7 million
US Dollar
Time Zone
9 different time zones!
Drives on the



15 days, 1 Country
Tour: AR
Fetch a pail of wonder on this ultimate bucket list holiday to six western states and the country’s most popular parks, memorials, and monuments. Grand Canyon. Grand Teton. Yellowstone. Mt. Rushmore....
10 days, 1 Country
Tour: AS
Are you a little bit country? A little bit rock ‘n’ roll? Then you’ll love this musical heritage holiday that follows the influential sounds of chart-topping history from Nashville to Memphis with a...
9 days, 1 Country
Tour: AB
Mother Nature meets our Founding Fathers on this electrifying fall foliage tour through historic and bucolic New England. As you witness the blazing reds, oranges, and yellows of autumn’s turning...
11 days, 1 Country
Tour: AM
If you haven’t stood before fairy chimneys or squatting goblins, then you haven’t been on a holiday that truly rocks. Leading you to the nation’s most fascinating chasms, hoodoos, and other rock...
11 days, 1 Country
Tour: ANQ
The mining boom may have been more than a century ago, but it’s never too late to strike gold in America’s West. Filled with dazzling nuggets of wonder, this National Parks holiday takes you deep into...
11 days, 1 Country
Tour: AY
You won’t need to summon Mr. Sandman on this tour through the American West. This national parks holiday is what dreams are made of. With overnight stays in the West’s legendary lodges, you’ll saw...
Travelling in USA
Best time to visit
With a variety of experiences to choose from, the USA serves up tasty experiences all year round. You can enjoy other-worldly Northern Lights in Alaska in winter, never-ending parties in Miami in summer, balmy nights in New York City in spring and hike under golden foliage in Vermont in autumn. Whichever way you prefer to invigorate your senses, the USA boasts a generous offering across all seasons.  
Winter (Dec – Feb)
There’s a certain romance to the New England winter. Just take a stroll around Boston’s Beacon Hill with its Federal-style terrace houses, narrow, gas-lit streets and brick sidewalks, to feel the thrill of being in the chill. Heading to LA? There’s barely a winter, it’s land of the year-round tan. If you’re dreaming of a White Christmas, a snow-covered Colorado is where your dreams come true. In the USA, Jack Frost is truly a traveller’s friend.
Spring (Mar – May)
Spring into spring in the USA’s south, skipping the humid summers or autumn’s hurricane season. You might also want to make beeline for Hawaii, as this is when the dry season kicks in. Comfortable temperatures all over make this an ideal time to live It up.  
Summer (June  - Aug)
What can’t you do in the USA in summer? The world is your oyster. Alaska is well and truly open for business, the national forests beckon with outdoor activities galore. From east coast to west coast, ocean-kissed LA and Miami are hot spots of summertime bliss. Summer in the USA is the perfect time to connect with a world of new people, places and experiences on endless sunlit days.

Autumn (Sept – Nov)
Autumn paints warm hues across many regions in the USA. Kick up your heels amongst fall foliage in Vermont, or stroll through the golden gardens of a plantation in Louisiana. Did someone mention Halloween? Thanksgiving? Get caught up in the thrill of two of America’s favourite celebrations in this glorious time of the year.
Culture & customs

The hot tip here is… to tip. The American service industry operates on the tipping system, which can be a little confusing. The question isn’t just how much to tip, but whom. Basically, anyone who helps you, from taxi drivers to bartenders, even hairdressers. Carrying a stash of small bills will mean you’re never caught short.

Tipping can be a contentious topic for Australians in the USA. The reason they have tipping culture that can feel more mandatory than voluntary is because they have a vastly different pay scale. Many of the service people who help to make your tour magical may be earning very little (around $7 an hour). They literally live on tips.  

A good rule of thumb is a 
20% tip for all wait staff in restaurants
20% on personal services like hairdressing, nail salons, massages 
 A dollar or two per drink in a bar

With Globus, some of the gratuities are covered, so check in with your tour director about what’s already included. 
Electronics & devices
Unlike Australia, the USA uses 110-120 volt power, so you may need a voltage converter, usually for applicances that heat up such as hair dryers and straighteners.
Many devices such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops are already compatible, so you don’t need a converter for these. 

You’ll definitely need a plug adaptor. The USA uses a flat 2 or 3 prong plug. It’s better to have a 2 prong adaptor that will fit both these plugs. 

A universal adaptor, that converts Australian plugs to fit any outlet globally, will make your life easier. Or you can carry individual adaptors for each country. Country specific adaptors can be bought individually or in set, which is great if you’re going to more than one place, and don’t want to travel with a universal adaptor.  

It can be difficult to find adaptors for Australian appliances once you leave Australia, so make sure you have what you need before you leave home. Adaptors are easy to find at here. Department stores, electronic stores, luggage stores, large chemists and many stores at Australian airports carry them.  
Health & safety
Like anywhere you go, the US is full of beautiful places, but you can also stumble into some unsafe areas. Be sure to keep your valuables out of sight to avoid temptation for petty thieves. This is another good reason to have travel insurance wherever you go.

While no specific immunisations are required for the USA, a pre-departure visit to your GP doesn’t go astray – they’ll let you know what you should take with you in case of illness. Also, be sure to visit your countrys official Travel Advisory website for current safety and travel information.
Language & useful phrases
Americans speak English, but in such a super-sized county, you’ll find that means different things in different areas. From the musical honey-dipped accents of the South, to the oval tones of Neu Yawkers, to the Hispanic influences in Miami, a trip to the States will be a musical medley for your ears. Don’t forget that you have an accent too! And no one will be more engaging and curious than an American.

Many people in Southern USA – especially in California and Florida – consider Spanish a first language. When visiting these areas, throwing in an hola! in conversation won’t go astray, especially with older folk behind the counter at your local bodega (corner store).
Money & costs
Prices in the US are almost always quoted excluding tax. When shopping, you’ll need to add tax to the price on the tag. Tax differs state by state, up to around 10%. Many states have lower tax and a handful have zero tax, so happy shopping!Prices in the US are almost always quoted excluding tax. When shopping, you’ll need to add tax to the price on the tag. Tax differs state by state, up to around 10%. Many states have lower tax and a handful have zero tax, so happy shopping!
Ask your Tour Director for more details, or allow an additional 5-10% of the price on the tag.
Visas & insurance
Australian and New Zealand citizens generally don’t need a visa for holiday stays under 90 days (this doesn’t apply to dual citizens of some countries). However, you will need a valid ESTA visa waiver prior to departure. It’s easy – you just apply online.

The official site for obtaining an ESTA is www.cbp.gov/esta
Be aware - there are many unauthorised third party websites that charge additional fees to submit ESTA applications (or claim faster processing), so make sure you only use the official site.

We strongly recommend travel insurance, because the real travel magic happens when you’re worry free. We hope you don’t lose a bag or need a doctor (that’s not in our travel plan either!) but if the worst happens it’s good to have backup. Travel insurance is an easy way to take the worry out of travelling, so you can Go Live It. 

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